Quad Cities Christian Early
Childhood Education Program

From ages 3 years and up

In a loving Christian environment, our purpose is to guide and encourage children into a love of learning from 3 years through 5 years of age. Within our three classrooms, we are able to meet each child’s social, emotional, and academic potential. Using the developmental approach, children will explore to learn, based on their unique interests and skills. Within these experiences, children will gain the self-confidence they need to feel successful in their abilities. We look for God and His Creation in everything we do and share the love of Jesus with each other.

Daily lessons include literacy skills, with a strong phonics approach to reading. This will include letter recognition and sounds, working up to letter blends and phonic books. In our older classrooms, many of our students are able to read books before the end of the year. We also believe in the value of handwriting and provide other necessary activities to promote fine motor skills. Our math concepts begin with number recognition, counting, patterning, and puzzles. They will continue to grow in our program with knowing the value of a number, one to one correspondence, counting to 100, and counting by 10s. We provide biblical history through weekly Bible stories and memory verses starting with Creation and working our way to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Child-directed play strategies give children an environment in which to strengthen skills in expressing and regulating emotions and opportunities to make friends. We understand the importance of balancing the academic part of our day with learning through play.

Teachers provide support in thinking and making sense of a child’s world. It is our passion to nurture your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder to start them on a journey to a bright future.