Summer Camp Registration for 2020

General Information

Who qualifies as a camper:

  • Campers are children 3 years old & potty trained to exiting 5th grade
    When may I register? (Register online or in person at Elementary Campus)
  • Registration opens May 4, 2020
  • Students will be admitted on a first come/first serve basis
  • A waiting list will be started if necessary

Camp Times: (Monday through Friday)

  • 8:30am – 3:30p
  • Before Care: 7:00am – 8:15am (cost $5 per day)
  • After Care: 3:45pm – 5:30pm (cost $5 per day)
  • At the time of registration parents need to specify the days/hours their child/children will
    be attending. There is room for flexibility due to vacation schedules.
  • A La Carte Option: Pay for only the days you need. Register for each day/week the
    Wednesday the week before.


  • Registration is $30. This is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable. A camp
    shirt is included with this fee.
  • Daily fee is $33 for the first child; $30 for each additional child in the family.
  • Weekly fee for full-time camper is $150 for 1st child; each additional child is the daily rate
    of $30.


  • Our policy at summer camp is to pay a week ahead.
  • The first week of camp you will be making two payments…one for the week of June 8th
    and by the end of the first week payment for the week of June 15th .
  • Campers are billed weekly.


  • We strive to take the children on field trips 3 times a week.
    ◆ Please refer to the activity calendar, posted on the bulletin board in the hallway, to see what these trips will be and who will be going.
    ◆ Trips are subject to change at a moment’s notice due to transportation, staffing availability and the weather.
    ◆ Please take time to look at this so you’ll know where we will be taking your child/ren for the day (and what they might need).
  • Swimming ~ We will occasionally have a field trip to a water park. On these days, please be sure to send a swimsuit, sunscreen and a towel. If you have a concern with your child going, please talk with a staff member.
  • Skating ~ K-6 also occasionally will take a trip to Skate City. On these days please be sure they have a pair of socks to wear (Snack and Game $ is optional).
  • Movies ~ Snack $ for the movie is optional.

Younger Children:

  • Preschool Nap: Those students in preschool/prek will nap everyday unless otherwise specified on the activity calendar. Please bring a blanket, pillow and special cuddle buddy for your child and leave them in their cubby.
  • Car Seats: We take the church vans on our field trips. Students DO NOT need to be in a car seat when riding in the van, but if it makes you more comfortable that they do ride in one please be sure to leave it on those days.